Them: Albert Pujols and the treatment of people | Jeff Pearlman

We will witness “karma” coming back to bite Pujols, and long before his numbers decline to the point of becoming an objective albatross to the Angels.

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Most Multiple Home Run Games in Baseball | The home run has endured as one of sports' most exciting plays throughout Major League Baseball's lengthy history. With one swing of the bat, a player can.

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Albert Pujols Stats - ESPN Get complete career stats for first baseman Albert Pujols on

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The decline of Albert Pujols has been a shame. | Sports on. At his peak, it felt like Pujols was just playing an entirely different sport than everybody else. Sure, he was the best hitter in the game, but he was.

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Jennie Finch - Wikipedia Jennie Lynn Finch (born September 3, 1980) is an American, former collegiate All-American and medal winning Olympian, retired 2-time pro All-Star, right-handed.

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MLB Power Rankings: Yankees, Red Sox, Astros vie for top. The Dodgers and Nationals are scuffling, which means there's no room in the top 10 for either. Meanwhile, it's top-heavy in the top three spots.

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Baseball is bad right now, and the trend will be hard to. The National League, which is expected to adopt the DH within the next five years, has only four teams with more hits than strikeouts. Yet instead of these.

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MLB: Harper has a deal in place already? - Video. MLB analyst David Samson breaks down where he places this title-winning Boston team historically.

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Albert Pujols placed on disabled list | LOS ANGELES -- One day after homering twice to tie Ken Griffey Jr. for sixth place on the all-time list with 630, Angels first baseman Albert Pujols landed.